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Maria is the oldest daughter of Paulo "Amador" and Edna Nita. 'Shon Ija' as nicknamed by her father, is the founder of project Landskind Sociale Wensdromen. Her project is dedicated to outreach into all neighborhoods. She will also curate for the Museo exhibits and organize events through Merkado Libre for her social and economic justice initiatives. 



Maria ta e prome yu di Amador Paulo i Edna Nita. Su tata a yame Shon Ija. Bow di e Fundashon SocialeWensdromen, Maria lo ta e enkarga ku tur initiativa soshal. Prinsipalmente ku e Merkado Libre ku proposito soshal. Su enfoke ta barionan den nesesidat. E ta dedika no solamente na e personan stabil den komunidat pero en partikular esunan ku ta sufri.  E ke yuda halsa nivel di bida di tur hende.  Parlamentario Pa Pueblo, Maria Nita

Rosita is the second daughter of Paulo "Amador" and Edna Nita. Shon Chita, as nicknamed by her father, is founding the Museo & Merckado Libre SocialeWensdromen. She leads the intellectual and creative design of the projects.

In the US, she founded Publishing Shop Casa Editorial Emile Inc. to research the causes that the editorial would support. Funds are raised through a membership fee to view the sculptures that she creates for the causes.


Sculptures are voted on online and exhibited at the Museo SocialeWensdromen in Curacao. 


The proceedings will be used to support creative thinking in support of the philosophy of the fostered.

Rosita Tormala-Nita, Ph.D.

Founder, Curator, Scholar, Human Sculptor


Fidel, is the youngest son of Paulo and Edna Nita. He contributes to all the projects with his construction skills. So far, he has  renovated the estate of Paulo "Amador" & Edna Nita into exhibit spaces. His next project is the marketplace Merckado Libre  with the promise of economic opportunities for

small merchants. He has been selected as the first artist in residence. 

Amada, is the youngest daughter of Paulo "Amador" and Edna Nita. She collected the first set of data on the history of the Nita family. She enjoys romantic novels and has modernized one of the original novels of the old Casa Editorial Emile. The version and the process will be exhibited in the museum literary justice space. 


Amador, is the first son of Paulo "Amador" and Edna Nita. He was named Amador de Dios (Lover of God) along with the nickname Shon A. He has a visionary style of leadership and has collaborated on the ideas and creative projects. He is planning the Black history month exhibition for the Museo, along with a black ball, to align with the American culture celebration of Black history. His first exhibition is scheduled for February 2025.

Lindoro "Emile" is the oldest son of Paulo "Amador" Nita. Lindoro's love for his father is real. His father was his hero. They traveled the region together as the French philosopher Roussea and his student Emile did. Paulo was the only parent in Lindoro's life.  On the day he was born, his mother (in Aruba) gave him away to his father Paulo. She was young and not ready to raise their child. Paulo"Amador" raised Lindoro as a single Dad.  In 1963, Paulo married Edna (Curacao), Lindoro became their first son. Lindoro is a poet. He loves the literary work of his father and his father taught him to recite the entire collection of poems of A. P. Nita. The Museo's Cafe Literario will be created as a literary space or amphitheater for cultural performances.

Elsa is the only surviving sister of Edna. An exhibition is planned on the Marchena heritage. 

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